Top Five Fall Vegetables To Grow And Cook This Season


Being enveloped by the current August heat, it’s hard to imagine that fall will soon be upon us. In addition to the crisp air and colorful hues the variety of fresh, seasonal vegetables only add to the splendor of the season. Here are five vegetables that are going to be perfect just in time for fall:


While the pumpkin-spiced-everything craze hits full force during this time of year, there’s nothing like the real thing. Ideally, pumpkins should be planted by late May to early July depending on the location of planting. This particular winter squash is a great source of fiber, Vitamin C and Potassium. While most of the calories in pumpkin come from carbohydrates they are a special class that have anti-inflammatory, cholesterol and insulin-regulating properties. While pumpkin pie is always a favorite, try making something different with this Harvest Pumpkin Soup recipe. 

Brussel Sprouts

This particular vegetable conjures up bad childhood memories for many of us but this member of the cabbage family has come a long way since then. Gone are the days of boiled, bright green balls being shoveled onto your place in horror. Perhaps, you may have given them a chance if your mom had presented you with these Maple Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Bacon.  Aside from being delicious, brussel sprouts are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. The peak season for brussel sprouts will be here soon, it begins in September and continues through mid-February.

Butternut Squash

Commonly referred to as ‘winter squash’ this vegetable is actually grown through the summer and harvested in the fall. Once harvested, it lasts for several months making it a readily available for winter. The nutritional content of this vegetable (including fiber and potassium) makes is great for aiding in digestion. This Cinnamon Roasted Butternut Squash recipe will be a great addition to your table. Don’t forget to display them alongside your pumpkins for the perfect fall centerpiece.


Beets like to grow in cool weather and begin sprouting within 7 to 14 days so it’s not too late to plant if you’d like to add them to your fall vegetable garden. This colorful root vegetable is popular among athletes because it’s proven to improve energy levels. This makes it ideal for consuming as a juice or smoothie. If you’re looking to incorporate beets into your diet try this Ginger-Beet Juice recipe and enjoy the extra boost.


If you’re from the South, there’s a good chance that turnip greens have been a staple of your diet via your grandmother’s kitchen. These greens have been a huge part of southern cuisine for decades which isn’t a surprise when you consider how tasty and healthy they are. Turnip seeds are typically planted in spring or late summer making it a perfect fall time vegetable. They are high in Vitamin A, which act as an antioxidant, along with fiber, calcium and iron. This recipe for Southern Turnip Greens and Ham Hocks is as traditional as is gets.

We hope you're excited to grow, cook and enjoy all of these vegetables this fall. If you're looking for more inspiration head over to our Garden Shop and Kitchen Shop for tools to help you get growing and cooking every season. 

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