Don't Believe These Myths About Cast Iron Cookware

Debunking Common Cast Iron Myths

You Can’t Use Soap

This is perhaps the most common myth regarding cast iron. For many, daring to touch cast iron with soap is akin to a mortal sin. It is believed to ruin the seasoning but that isn’t necessarily true. Just remember not to overdo it. Use a very little amount and scrub gently.

Cast Iron Is Hard To Clean

For some reason, cast iron gets a bad reputation for being a difficult kitchen item. This is simply not true. In most cases all you need is an abrasive sponge and hot water to get your cast iron clean.

You Can’t Use Metal Utensils

Quite the opposite, if fact. Cast iron is one of the few items where metal is completely safe to use. That’s because cast iron cookware doesn’t have a chemical coating that will flake off. If the pan’s seasoning gets scraped it can always be reseasoned.

You Should Never Cook Acidic Foods In Cast Iron

Sometimes cooking acidic foods in cast iron can make them taste metallic but there are some exceptions. If your pan is well-seasoned then ingredients such as tomatoes, lemons and wine can be cooked for short amounts of time.

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Doesn’t Need To Be Seasoned Any Further

While pre-seasoned cookware can be used immediately it is still necessary to continue seasoning. The quality of the cookware will only improve with additional seasoning.

Rust Is The End Of Cast Iron

Nothing could be further from the truth. Cast Iron is one of the most diverse items in your kitchen. If your cast iron cookware becomes rusty simply scrub is down to its base and start over. The only thing fatal to cast iron is if it gets cracked or rusts all the way through.

Cast Iron Is Too High Maintenance

This sums up why many people shy away from cast iron. While cast iron can be intimidating compared to your light-as-a-feather teflon cookware, it is actually very easy to maintain. Along with being affordable and virtually indestructible, cast iron can almost always come back from the brink. Read about Cast Iron 101 here and learn how to make your cast iron last for generations.

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