How Plants Transform Your Home & Office

Everyone knows getting in touch with nature is good for you. However, with our busy schedules, and on-the-go lifestyles who really has time to stop and smell the roses? A simple and affordable way to get your nature fix, is to incorporate indoor plants into your home and office decor. It’s sounds like a lot of work, but it’s relatively easy. Not to mention, research shows that indoor plants enhance air quality, improve well being and increase productivity. This is important more than ever since we spend most of our time indoors during the cooler months.

According to Sophie Lee, author of Living with Plants, Lee discusses how indoor plants can also help health, mood and performance in the workplace.

Research from Living with Plants list the following benefits of indoor plants:

  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Eliminate toxins in the air
  • Boost your mood
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15%)

Oh and let’s not forget that plants are attractive. I think it’s safe to assume most people find indoor plants aesthetically pleasing. The biggest obstacle we face is knowing how to keep them “happy” aka “alive”. Don’t fret, there are several indoor plants that are easy to care for.  Here’s a quick list of our favorites from’s "19 Houseplants You Can Grow Without Care".


Plants Perfect for Beginners



Devil’s Ivy/Golden Pothos

    • Thrives in the hardest of conditions and tolerates drought and moisture both
    • Keep the plant away from direct sunlight and water moderately
    • Purifies air and cleans formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and benzene from the air

Umbrella Plant

    • Common in offices and homes
    • Place in a bright spot that receives indirect sunlight 
    • Avoid overwatering

Snake Plant 

    • Also called the mother-in-law’s tongue, it's one of the easiest to grow
    • Extremely drought-resistant, no worries if you forget to water it


    • Best grown in a sunny position
    • Occasional watering and can live for a long time without water
    • Avoid excess watering

snake plant

    How to Water Your Indoor Plants

    Your plants come with instructions on how much water they need.  But what does that really mean?  We're here to simplify it for you.


    Perform the soil finger test by pressing your finger into the soil. If it’s damp, the plant doesn’t need watering yet
    Water from both the top and bottom
     Tip away any excess water after 1 hour


    Perform the soil finger test by pressing your finger into the soil. If it’s damp, the plant doesn’t need watering yet
    Water from the top only
    Tip away any excess water


    Aerate the soil by pushing a chopstick into it
    Water from the top
    Check if the plant has had a chance to soak up enough moisture, but never leave it sitting in water


    While envisioning your new lush setup, keep in mind what your home represents for you and your family. Vibrant, inviting spaces are perfect for relaxing and entertaining guests. Indoor plants amplify liveliness, intensify colors and boost good vibes in any room. Check out our before & after images of indoor plants at home.

    before and after home end table

    before and after coffee table

    before and after chair

    Your office doesn’t have to be stale and boring. We spend a lot of time working; pulling long hours. Our life at the office is just as important as it is at home. Indoor plants provide the perfect solution for sprucing up the place without a big fuss. It could be as simple as adding a rubber plant to your desk. Take a look at our before & afters pics of indoor plants in the office.

    before and after waiting area officebefore and after corner officebefore and after lounge office

    It’s best to start with one to get the hang of it. You can begin with browsing the plant section at your local grocer. See what tickles your fancy. If you prefer a wider selection, visit your local hardware store or nursery.

    We’d love to see your home and office transformations!!! Please share with us by tagging @kasianhouse in your before & after pics.

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